Women in Wine: Meet Isabelle Icard

We continue our Women in Wine series with Isabelle Icard, the Administrative Manager of Château L’Orangerie.

She is no stranger to the wine industry. Her family has been in the business for generations, eight to be exact. “My wine history has been written for several generations,” says Isabelle, whose great-grandparents made wine in Loupiac, a village in the south west of France.

Nestled in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers and south of Bordeaux, all 250 acers of Château L’Orangerie is uniquely situated to produce excellent French wines at amazing values.

Isabelle joined her husband, Jean-Chrisophe Icard at the winery in 2000, when their second child, Clément, was born.

Our Women in Wine spotlight feature, Isabelle, was instrumental in the development of Château L’Orangerie. She wears many hats taking care of sales administration and the back office. If you are in the wine business, you know this is not for the faint of heart. Between paperwork, licensing, and yes, stress. When tariffs hit, many of the logistical nightmares that hit zapped the back office.

Through it all, Isabelle effortlessly relishes her work of sharing the delicious Château L’Orangerie wines her family makes with America and around the globe. While doing this great work she is happy to have her family by her side. “What is most precious to me,” says Isabelle, “is that we work together, the whole family.”