Brand New Shelf Talkers!

At David Milligan Selections, we know that as delicious as our French wines may, they don’t sell themselves. That’s why as one of our most recent projects, we just completed 40 (Yes, 40!) brand-new shelf talkers. That’s a new shelf talker for nearly every wine we sell across 30 states.

It’s hard to believe, but this is a first for us to be able to offer shelf talkers for this many of our wines on our website for free. We tried our best to find exciting and modern colors and designs for each shelf talker. And for every wine that’s received 90-plus points or other accolades (from Editors’ Choice to Cellar Selection to Best Buy), we highlight that loud and clear at the top. Because points and accolades don’t mean a thing if we can’t get the word out as folks decide what to try.

Find Free Shelf Talkers On Our Site

You can find a shelf talker for a given wine by first finding the wine on our site. At bottom, click the hyperlink that reads “shelf talker”. A PDF page of 4 will pop up that you can print. Take a look—We’d love your feedback. Like some designs more than others? Want a different size? Let us know! We like hearing from you.

No laminator? No time to cut-and-pate? We get it. As a special service to all the retailers, restaurants and bars that support us and serve our wines, we are happy to offer you free laminating and shipping of the shelf talkers that will be useful to you.

Order Laminated Shelf Talkers To Your Doorstep

To order laminated shelf talkers: Email and list the shelf talkers you’d like, along with the address they should be shipped to. We’ll have them out the door to you that day.

It’s just a small way we can support you in the day-to-day work of selling our fine French wines.

Click around, Find yourself some new shelf talkers now!