Pascal Dufaitre

Pascal was born on September 27, 1955, on one of the most famous terroirs of Beaujolais, Brouilly. He was born in full harvest. Pascal DufaitreThree days later, his mother went to see Pascal’s father, who dipped a finger in the vat of Paradise* so that his son could taste their sweet family heritage. This Beaujolais baptism paved the way for the oenologist and winemaker Pascal would soon become. The Dufaitre name originates in a hamlet in the village of Chiroubles, another renowned Beaujolais Cru vineyard. All members of the Dufaitre family are winemakers, a calling passed along from father to son, dating back to before the French Revolution.

* Paradise: the new wine flowing out of the winepress, fruity and very sweet. It is an ephemeral product sought after by connoisseurs

Pascal Dufaitre is a self-proclaimed wine lover, a technician and an oenologist. He is extremely active in viticulture research and the application of new techniques. In collaboration with the technical bodies of the region, he is interested and involved in ever increasing his knowledge of the soil, the plant, its identity and its protection.

For the last 32 years, Pascal has managed the formidable Chateau de Pizay. A challenge he attacks with fervor and ingenuity. Under his leadership, the vineyard is now recognized as “exploitation high environmental value level 3”. With 133 HVE-certified acres (and 12 acres Certified Organic since 1996), the Estate is a champion of environmental responsibility in Beaujolais!