Fernand Lemaire

Since 1903, four generations of winemaking have made the Champagne House of Fernand Lemaire what it is today. Tucked into the heart of Champagne, just 3 miles from Epernay, the small French village of Hautvillers (literally “High Village) is home to both the Champagne house of Fernand Lemaire and the famed home of Dom Pérignon. Crafted with all estate owned grapes, celebrated for both quality Champagne and incredible hospitality, Fernand Lemaire is one of the last Champagne houses to riddle each of its bottles by hand.

Today, the family cultivates the classic grapes of Champagne: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier on 15 acres of land in Hautvillers, a regional natural park packed with vineyards dedicated to Champagne. Rich in tradition and laser focused on quality at every step of the process from vineyard to bottle, Fernand Lemaire gives voice to the esteemed terroir through conscientious site management, skilled viticultural practices, and excellent winemaking methods to produce high-definition Champagne from a single estate.