Food & Wine Recommends Fournier Pinot Noir

We are honored that one of the newest wines in the David Milligan Selections’ lineup, Domaine Fournier Pinot Noir, was recommended in a new article in Food & Wine “Drink These 50 Wines to Be a French Wine Expert.”

The 2016 Domaine Fournier Pinot Noir is mentioned in the Value Buyer section because as writer Ray Isles puts it: “France is a spectacular section for wine bargains if you know where to look.”

Of the elegant red, Ray writes, “lively Pinot Noir, full of berry fruit.” 

Domaine Fournier Pinot Noir is 100% pinot noir from the Loire Valley with lovely notes of raspberry, black currant, grass and spices. The bottle also uses a Diam Cork, meaning that you will never encounter a corked bottle. Nice, right?

Domaine Fournier Pinot Noir has gotten off to a racing start since joining the DMS portfolio in 2018, and upcoming fall is the time to best enjoy it. Try some with your apple-picking, fire-pit festivities. Cheers to spicy reds and autumn fun.

Read the whole Food & Wine article here.